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10 Day Tour

10 Days Round Tour

Day 01: Colombo to Yala

Romello Tours warmly welcomes all holiday lovers to Sri Lanka!
Upon arrival transferred to a hotel in Yala.

En route visit the Galle Fort and the Turtle Hatchery in Kosgoda
Galle is a classical, reinforced city having numerous attractions including its neighbouring towns along the
south western coastal belt; iconic being the refurbished Galle Fort- by the Dutch, stands to date.
The Turtle Hatchery in Kosgoda homes and breeds a number of various types of sea turtles, including the
endangered ones. Grab an experience of the life of a sea turtle in its own habitat.

Reach Yala and relax the evening.
Overnight stay in Yala.

Day 02: Yala to Nuwara Eliya

Early morning safari at Yala during dawn before the sun sets, experience the morning wildlife among the
wild at their habitats.

Yala is a large area of grassy land in the Southern coast, with the gigantic mammals homes a number of
wild fauna including; leopards, crocodiles and hundreds of species of birds. Out of all the wild elephants
are the most prominent.

Journey proceeds to Nuwara Eliya as the sun starts to set.
New light as the name suggests, Nuwara Eliya is one of the most beauteous town in the island. Its luscious
greenery conserves the beauty and its existence. A lovely and adventurous town for thrill seekers.
World’s End, Hakkgala Botanical Gardens, Seeta Amman Kovil and many more religious, cultural, historical
and adventurous places are conserved in the mystical highlands with a variety of flora and fauna.

Overnight stay in Nuwara Eliya

Day 03: Nuwara Eliya to Horton Plains

Set off to the Horton Plains, start the hike before it is too late just in time for the perfect sun rise of your
lifetime the following day. Visit the World’s End as you hike up, while experiencing the change of climate
as you climb up higher. All endemic flora and fauna well reserved in their habitats, unharmed.

Overnight stay in Nuwaraeliya.

Day 04: Horton Plains to Kandy

Wake up early morning just in time to witness a perfect sunrise up in the Plains.
Soon after the hike down journey, proceeds to Kandy by train.

En route visit the Tea Estate and the Museum with a refreshing cup of freshly grounded tea whilst
enjoying the scenic beauty of the surrounding. Drop by at the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens in the
vicinity of Kandy. It was the last served ancient kingdom capital with wondrous artifacts including cultural
and religious. Temple of the Tooth Relic is one of the most iconic among the rest.
Evening sightseeing and shopping at Kandy City Centre.

Overnight stay in Kandy.

Day 05: Kandy to Polonnaruwa

Drive away from the central highlands to the lowlands of north central with a noticeable change in
weather; from cold and cozy to dry and arid land.

Ruins and scattered debris of ancient stupas and palaces build up Polonnaruwa. Having been an ancient
Kingdom capital with the most rapid civilization, the city has recognized to have bared the greatest rulers
of all time in Lankan history. A number of masterpieces contributed to the nation by these great Kings are
used to date including the most complex irrigation methods used during the draughts to water the crops.

Overnight stay in Polonnaruwa

Day 06: Polonnaruwa to Trincomalee

Moving further onto the east coast, en route climb up the Sigiriya Rock Fortress and if time permits visit
the Dambulla Golden Cave Temples.

Sigiriya or the Lion Rock is the engraved rock fortress built by King Kassyapa as he tried to flee the
country. Sigiriya was the king’s hiding place until he prepared himself for war. The fortress consists of a
number of floors, palaces, water fountains and undiscovered elevators and pipelines.
The Golden Rock Temple has been a monastery and a school for monks. It is one of the well- preserved
cave temple complex found in the island.

Reach Trincomalee in the evening.
Overnight stay in Trincomalee

Day 07: Trincomalee

rincomalee is a port city in the northeast coast lying on a peninsula with one of the World’s most
beautiful Natural harbours. Trinco homes a deep water harbour which resulted in many of the invasions it
under went. As history states, King Vijaya too landed and entered the country from Trincomalee.
Enjoy and relax the day sightseeing in the city.

Overnight stay in Trincomalee

Day 08: Trincomalee to Anuradhapura

Driving back from the northeast towards the north central, enter the classical city- Anuradhapura.
Anuradhapura bares South Asia’s most evocative sights with rich architectural and archaeological
wonders. It was and is a Golden classic since ancient times. The magnificently built palaces and stupas
standing to date prove the richness in its architecture; a classical kingdom, it was, taking years away into
the Golden Age.

Overnight stay in Anuradhapura

Day 09: Anuradhapura to Wilpattu

Driving further away, into the west coast, stops at Wilpattu National Park.
Wilpattu National Park is famed for its high population of birds, but it too homes 30 species of mammals
and a number of amphibians and reptiles.

The unique feature being the ‘willus’ –natural water basins- the number of birds have always topped up
populating most of the land and wetlands.

Overnight stay in Wilpattu

Day 10: Wilpattu to Negombo

A drive down along the west coast, journey descends and ends in Negombo.
Sight seeing and shopping in Negombo.

Tour Ends.